Neckpiece for a Golden Age 2

Making the “Neckpiece for a Golden Age” – part 2

This page covers the embroidery and assembly of the pieces that make up the neckpiece.

The first stage in developing the individual parts involved stitching pieces of a contrasting fabric over some areas.


The appliqué, embroidery stitching and satin-stitched edging processes were carried out as required on each part.


The appearance and level of finish on the backs of the parts is just as important as the fronts.


One technique for working out the assembly was to pin parts over photocopies.


As the final form was worked out, a lot of pins and needles were used to hold everything in place.


A close-up of the final neckpiece shows how intricate the structure had become.


Wai-Yuk was pleased with the final result.



“This project proved very challenging and certainly took me right out of my comfort zone, but I believe that every artist has to do this regularly if they are to keep growing. Apart from the finished piece itself, I have acquired a whole new set of approaches, techniques and insights that will feed into my future work.”


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