About Wai-Yuk


Born in Hong Kong, Wai-Yuk began working with textiles at an early age before coming to England to study Fine Art. Wai-Yuk lives with her husband in North Cornwall, and has spent the past fifteen years experimenting with new techniques and materials to create a wide-range of textile jewellery and other art work.

Over the years, Wai-Yuk has worked with many techniques and media including embroidery, doll making, soft furnishings, dress making, painting, printing and ceramics. She has worked as a graphic designer, a glove designer, and has taught crafts to children and to adults.
She now gets to spend most of her time on her greatest love: creating intricate textile art.

Wai-Yuk’s work draws inspiration from the many places she has visited. From the plants and rivers of Hong Kong, the rugged shapes and textures of North Cornwall, and the patterns and prints of India. Her art has been widely exhibited in galleries throughout the UK and Ireland.


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